Power restored to campus after transformer in Llandinam explodes

The building was swiftly evacuated after the explosion shook the campus and turned the university dark

The building was swiftly evacuated after the explosion shook the campus and turned the university dark.

PRO-VICE Chancellor Rebecca Davies has confirmed tonight that power has returned to the university after a transformer in the Llandinam building exploded. The outage occurred around 16:00 across campus and also brought the university servers down, preventing access to student records, Aber Blackboard and student emails.

While no immediate cause for the failure of the transformer has been identified, the fire service were on the scene in a matter of minutes and an evacuation of Llandinam ensured no one was hurt.

Students and staff were both left in a scramble, with the first day of term’s lectures not yet finished when the power failed, and sport club & society photos had to be rescheduled for Tuesday morning 9:00-12:00 after the Sports Cage was plunged into darkness.

Residents of Penbryn were evacuated to the Students Union and told to await further instructions due at 21:00, although it was recommended they bring an overnight bag and either be put into alternative accommodation or find elsewhere to stay for the night. Now power is restored, it is unclear whether they will be able to return this evening or tomorrow.

Further announcements are due in the morning but staff have stressed that with the power returned, lectures can and will resume as normal from tomorrow morning from 9:00.

Though power was restored there was still confusion when Information Services became available again after emails from the Pro Vice Chancellor were delivered in the wrong order. Rebecca Davies clarified at 22:58:

“This evening you will have received a message informing you that the power supply to the University has been restored, followed shortly after this by another message informing you that the University’s IT services were down due to a power failure.

Please ignore the second message. This was originally sent earlier this evening, but due to the IT difficulties encountered, was not processed at the time, and was only circulated once the network had resumed normal service.

Power has been restored and we are grateful to everyone who worked to ensure that this was done as quickly as possible.”

More to follow on this story as it develops.