Aberystwyth University Students’ Union Elections

ELECTIONS for Students’ Union officers at Aberystwyth will be held in early February this year.

Aberystwyth University Students' Union

There are 21 positions up for election in four different types of roles: Full-time officer, Part-time officer, NUS delegates, and student trustees. Students’ Union officers get the chance to represent student’s views at the Students’ Union and to run campaigns to improve student’s experiences at Aberystwyth University.

To stand for election you need to sign up on the Students’ Union website, as well as writing and submitting a manifesto tailored to the position you are standing for. Further information on how to stand for election can be found at: http://www.abersu.co.uk/elections/howtonominate/

Nominations to stand for elections are currently open until 12pm on the 5th February 2016. The 12th February 2016 marks the beginning of campaigning. Voting is then to take place on the 17th and 18th February 2016 – opening at 9am on the 17th, and closing at 5pm on the 18th February 2016. The results will be revealed on the night of the 18th February 2016 at the Students’ Union.

Throughout the elections period ASM will be covering elections related events.

Further information about the Students’ Union elections can be found at: http://www.abersu.co.uk/elections/