Pocket Mortys Review

pocket_mortysMY EYES WERE red and a dissertation proposal deadline hounded like wolves at my door. That is when I decided to explore the App Store. To my surprise I found Pocket Mortys, a new app, for free. I have always been of the mind that if it’s free you should try it, and this has been documented on many occasions, in love and leftover food.

I downloaded the app with a great deal of trouble, as my phone no longer wants for this world. After clearing some space I had all 67 megabytes of Pocket Mortys.

You may have realised that the narrative above tells you nothing about the app other than its size. This will be rectified – immediately. The game is a spin-off of the critically acclaimed animation, Rick and Morty. Those who know of the cartoon,  will not need reminding of its bona fide brilliance. To those who don’t, stop acting like you’re too old for dark humour and animation; we know you still have a heart.

The game is, in its essence, a carbon copy of the Pokémon games. However, rather than a range of creatures, there are the many different incarnations of Morty who are differentiated by their dimensional origin. Fights between Mortys are turn based, and there is the chance to capture 70 Mortys.

The gameplay is satisfying, following the principles of Pokémon to the point of plagiarism. Inside jokes are plentiful for fans of the show. Furthermore, there are some fresh jokes in the various incarnations of Morty’s descriptions. I would recommend watching the television series prior to the game, in order to enjoy the game at the heights of your pleasure-meter.

The only criticism that I would put forward is a lack of animation differentiation in Morty attacks. There has not been a light in my eyes for many a year, but with the aid of this app some of the redness has receded. Pick it up and stop worrying about the catalogue of errors you made in your exams.