Notes from the Editor: Making our own work

logo-en-cyI’LL BE HONEST – when I took over this role from Andrew in October, I was pretty daunted. Not only was there a lot to do for this and for Sports Editor, I was trying to fill some big boots; Andrew had been a massive part of the society and I didn’t want to let it move backwards now that I was responsible for the site. For the first term, while we as a committee were still feeling out what we had to do, I felt as if I was treading water more than anything else.

Towards the end of the term, and certainly over the Christmas break, I noticed things start to change. As we had more meetings and made more content and (massive hats off to Eva and Rhee for this) hosted our first live event of the year, we were getting more confident. Nick and Gavin have cast, filmed and edited two episodes of the brand-new Extinguisher Report, and Nick has come up with a section for reader-submitted illustrations, ‘Abertoons‘. It’s been great to see the committee and the society see the great work that’s come before and decide they want to do something for themselves.

We’ve got so much more planned for this term, it’s really exciting! Sarah our Lifestyle Editor is starting her own show with Gavin called Try Something New, where she’ll be having her first-something every show, we’re working closer than ever with the Student Union to bring Tîm/Team Aber’s successes, Bay Radio is on the march to joining the Student Radio Association (feel free to donate to our Crowdfunder!), and we’re planning our now annual 24-hour radio show & live event, Bay24! In support of Sport Relief this year, we’re currently abuzz with ideas trying to get as many clubs and societies as possible involved in the fundraising, so keep an eye on your inboxes; I will be recruiting.

Aside from all the things we want to do this term, I’m looking forward to Refreshers. Its great to see something we’ve made materialise from our hard work, but there are other students out there with ideas for radio shows, articles and all manner of things creative we haven’t even seen yet. It might be because this is my last year and I’m slipping on my graduation goggles a bit early, but I want to see some great things get made before I finish. So if you want to get involved, just contact anyone in the society by any means; email, facebook, tap on the shoulder, post, pigeon, rock with a note on it. It’s all quite exciting.