Five New-New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

SO WE ARE nearly two weeks into the new year and the chances are the majority of you have most likely failed to stick out your resolutions. You will have broken that ‘no chocolate for the year’ rule or ‘no more chips after Yokos’ or the most common ‘I will go to the gym every day for two hours’. Every year it always happens.

Not to be a pessimist, but if it hasn’t happened already then it will do at some point in the near future. But not to fear, ASM have the solution to this problem (like always). We have derived five realistic goals for the year that you can start now and actually stick out as we believe it is not too late.

 New-Year_Resolutions_list1) Don’t leave essays until last minute. Easier said than done if you are already in that cycle of thinking, ‘I have x amount of weeks to do this I don’t need to bother now’ but unless you get decent marks in every essay you write in this way I would really strongly advise against this as a solid plan to a decent mark.
Get organised and find out all your deadlines and set yourself a deadline for a least a few days earlier. This will give you a chance to allow yourself time to proof read your work and give you a decent amount of time to help you do your absolute best in it. Prepare for no more stressing over pulling all-nighters for that 3000 word essay and a peaceful night’s sleep instead knowing that you have already handed it and you are already on your next assignment.

2) Try to make all of your 9ams. For those unfortunate enough to have a 9am this year try your best to go to them. Going out the night before is not a valid excuse for missing lectures, especially when you are paying £9,000 for it. Not just this, but be prepared for them. Do all the additional reading. Be the person you hate who has the answer for everything. This is your last term of the year let’s make the most of it.

3) Go to those places you want to go to. Have you still not been up Consti? Have you still not been to Baravin? Have you still not been to Cardiff? Take the opportunity to go this semester. Go on your own. Go with friends. Take it all in.

4) Be prepared. Actually take a coat out with you or a plastic bag. Be the one who is ready for the worst-case scenario. You never have to pay 5p for that spontaneous shop or unexpected downpour. You have a  pack-a-mac in your bag at all times and at least one long life bag. Yes, it is only 5p but they add up and as students saving money in any sense is a win. Be prepared and you will feel better for it.

5) Stop social smoking/going out every night of the week. For those of you who believe social smoking isn’t actually smoking – you are wrong. The more you do it the more likely you are to not stop after university. Stopping going out multiple times a week will not only stop this from happening as regularly and will save you some precious pennies. Your health will improve and you will feel so much better for it. Try not taking cigarettes or a lighter out with you and just see how you feel from there and you can always re-evaluate your strategy to stop.

We always make goals that we will never reach as they are too unrealistic. You should not be beaten up about not reaching the summit even though you have made it to a post close to the summit and have achieved something. Don’t feel down. You just need to re-evaluate the goal you which to achieve and how to make them more realistic, achievable, strategic and within a manageable time frame.

For example if you have never ran for longer than for after a bus then aiming to run a marathon in a year is not an easy goal, especially not for complete beginners, that is not to say that it is completely unrealistic. You just need to break your goal up into smaller, more manageable chunks so that you can track your progress and reevaluate your action plan if needs be.

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