Four things that are just too stressful to deal with right now

IT IS THAT time of year again; assignments are piling up and all you really want to do is crawl into bed and wake up with a first in all of your exams and have it magically be the start of semester two. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and you do have to try. Not to fear, as the members of Aber Student Media are all going through the same thing as you. Here are four things we can’t bear to deal with right now:

1. 9 AMs.

Yes, they’ve not started yet but they’re coming and you know it. The sun doesn’t rise until 8am so you could wake up with the world, tell yourself “it’s a new year, it’s a new me”, make that bowl of wholegrain porridge you committed to making every day in 2016 and walk out the door with plenty of time to mosey to university. You really could. Then you look at the clock and it says 9:45.

I am not about to say that the majority of people have ever enjoyed having to gather the motivation to drag themselves out of cosy beds and into a dingy lecture hall. But, the temptation to stay in bed for an extra hour is all too tempting.

2. The ‘cold’.

Some people are saying it is nearly Arctic, and some people are still strolling around in shorts and flip flops. Here in ASM, we believe it is indeed getting colder, and deciding what to wear to suit the weather is too much when the weather decides to change its mind when you get to campus. There’s always a friend who still claims there was ice on their windscreen… well, they may be right.

3. The assignment/exam timetable.

No idea who decides the deadlines, but they must think we have one module a term. Bizarre logic. If you have assignments AND exams this January you have our condolences. But hey, at least we’ve got Refreshers to give us some much-needed time for introduction lectures afterwards, otherwise we’d be swamped. Wouldn’t that be grim.

4. Trying to find a job.

To even decide if you want to do this is risky. No matter what year you are in, you’re looking at last term’s loan, thinking to yourself, “Wow that lasted a fortnight, and term isn’t a fortnight, and that is bad.” To revise or earn money? Get in early to avoid disappointment!