Student Survival Guide to NYE

YOUR SURVIVAL instincts have kicked in. You’ve successfully foraged and scrounged in order to live for the last few weeks, the end is in sight, and you can almost taste the branded food you’ll allow yourself once your loan comes in. But what’s this? It’s New Year’s Eve. You have serious FOMO just thinking about it – it promises to be one of the most fun nights of the year, but also one of the most expensive. For the more concerned among you, here’s a guide on how to reduce the cost of your night while still having a memorable New Year’s Eve.


If you’re very broke, I wouldn’t recommend buying clothes – please spend your money on living. However, if you’re only slightly broke and insist on being glam, then you’re in the right place. The best thing about NYE is that it falls during the post-Christmas sales. High street stores are doing some great discounts at the moment, with H&M advertising 60% off and ASOS 50%. It’s worth having a rummage through the sale racks and online to see if you can pick up a bargain. Don’t be afraid to tackle your local Charity shops, too – they’re super cheap, it’s pretty fun rifling through them, and no one else will be wearing the same thing as you! Aber is a total goldmine for charity shop finds, make a day of it.


Champagne Pierre Darcys - no attribution requiredEvery supermarket is promoting reduced alcohol at the moment. Tesco online is touting 1L of Smirnoff Red for £15, as well as a bottle of Dino Prosecco for £6.50. If you’re feeling fancier and want to bring in New Year’s with a bang, then the firm favourite this year seems to be Champagne Pierre Darcys Brut NV, reduced from £18 to £10. Lanson in Asda has been slashed to half price a bottle. The secret is to shop around and not go overboard, you want to remember the start of 2016! If you’re going out, it’s best to leave your card at home. This avoids the inevitable drunken trip to the ATM that you and your bank balance will regret in the morning, and you won’t wake up with memories of buying everyone in the bar a Jaegerbomb.


Public transport is vital for a cheap night. If you can get wherever you’re going via bus or train then do so, as taxi rates increase massively on NYE. To ensure you get a fixed rate, and to avoid getting ripped off when leaving your party/night out, see if the taxi company have an app. Not only will you be able to track your taxi, but you won’t be getting any surprises at the prices. If all else fails then gently remind your parents that you will once again be flying the nest and they should embrace every second they get with you, perhaps by providing you with a lift. Good luck with that one.

I hope you have a fabulous New Year’s Eve and 2016, be safe!