Ten ideas to hack student life

Moving out of a house where your parents most likely did everything for you can be hard. It will probably be your first time cooking on your own, first time washing your own clothes, first time waking up and making sure you get yourself to lectures on time… life can be hard for students. So here are ten problems you might face while at University, with simple solutions to make your life just that little bit easier.

Problem One: Not enough wardrobe space.

Solution: Ring pulls off of cans. Yes, it sounds odd, but these little pieces of metal will allow you to hang up double the amount of clothes in your tiny little student accommodation wardrobe.

Problem Two: People borrowing things and never returning them.

Solution: When they first ask to borrow it, take a picture of them with it on your phone. Then when they return it, you can simply delete the picture.

Problem Three: Carrying all of your shopping up flights of stairs.

Solution: A Key clasp. It holds all the bags allowing you to carry them all at once, and it also stops the plastic handles cutting into your skin.

Problem Four: Heating left overs taking forever.

Solution: Space it out evenly in a donut shape on your microwavable plate, so that there is a hole in the middle; this will allow it to heat through much quicker.

Problem Five: Dirty shower heads.

Solution: Fill a plastic sandwich bag with vinegar around the showerhead, leaving it there over night. In the morning it will have magically disappeared; no more scrubbing.

Problem Five: Don’t want to heat up the oven for cheese on toast.

Solution: Turn your toaster on its side. I haven’t actually tried this one myself so make sure you’re with the toaster the whole time; you don’t want your flatmates moaning at you for setting the alarm off.

Problem Six: Dirty microwaves.

Solution: Microwave a bowl of water for 2-3 minutes – the steam will loosen any dried food stuck to the inside and it will just wipe away easily.

Problem Seven: Bits in your keyboard on your laptop.

Solution: Use the sticky bit of a post it note to get underneath the keys and pick up the dirt, dust and crumbs.

Problem Eight: Sand gets in your phone when you take it to the beach.

Solution: Store it in a sealable sandwich bag; you can still use the touch screen but it will stay dry and sand free.

Problem Nine: Your alarm isn’t waking you up.

Solution: Pop it in a glass; this instantly boosts the volume.

Problem Ten: Pizza is not as good when you microwave it.

Solution: If you put a glass with a small amount of water in the microwave with the pizza, it keeps the toppings from going dry and it keeps the crust crusty.