Catching Up with Izzy Bizu

izzycovBAY RADIO’S Manager Cassie Smyth spoke to Izzy Bizu earlier this year about her rise through the charts in 2015 and her ambitions for 2016!

CS: In addition to being a Bay Radio favourite you’ve become a BBC playlist staple, what impact has this had?

IB: Yeah it’s amazing. They’ve actually supported me since my acoustic EP in 2013 and that support has played a major part in my journey.

CS: You’ve spoken in the past about always seeing yourself more as a writer, what made you take the step to perform as well?

IB: It kind of happened organically and then I started doing open mics to get my songs heard and then my confidence grew.

CS: What artists do you admire and have helped shaped your sound?

IB: Amy Winehouse was a massive inspiration but also the old time artists that my Mum used to play like Marvin Gaye and Ella Fiztgerald.

CS: Aside from artists, where do you draw inspiration from in the song-writing process?

IB: Every day life, movies, just whatever I’m feeling. I love writing in odd places like on trains too.

CS: You’ve recently performed on the legendary “Later… with Jools Holland” show, what’s your next Bucket-list performance to tick off?

IB: I’ve actually been lucky enough to tick a few off this year. As well as Jools, I performed an Amy Winehouse song at the Amy Winehouse Foundation Gala with Mark Ronson, played at Alexandra Palace and of course Glastonbury so feeling very lucky. But if I had to chose another, I’d love to play at Coachella too.

CS: Social media is a huge part of being an artist, but it has it’s flaws. Where do you find the line between staying in touch with fans and not wanting to share too much personally?

IB: I’m a bit of an over sharer, especially when I’ve had a few drinks so I’m probably not the best person to advise on that lol

CS: It’s been a huge year for you on the festival circuit; with Glastonbury and Lattitude under your belt are there any other Festivals you want to play? 

IB: I’d love to do South By South West and The Secret Garden Party.

CS: In terms of atmosphere which is better, festivals or more intimate gigs?

IB: They are both good for different reasons. Intimate gigs are great as it’s easier to connect with the audience. Festival gigs are great as everyone is always in a great mood because they are off for the weekend.

CS: What’s next for you?

IB: We are supporting Foxes and Sam Henshaw on tour, then our second headline show in London and our first headline show in Paris – exciting times!