Pay rise for eligible staff following pay negotiating round

THE UNIVERSITIES and Colleges Employers’ Association has informed Aberystwyth University of the outcome of the 2015-2016 pay negotiating round, and has advised the University – as well as other participating universities – that the pay award can be implemented.


Eligible staff at the University will now be paid the increase in pay agreed in this month’s salary payments, which will be backdated to August 2015. The revised pay scale includes increases to the first eight points of the 51 point scale of between 2.65% and 1.2%. All other eligible staff will receive a 1% increase.

The changes in pay will benefit lower earners, as it will bring the vast majority of staff in the sector who are on the lowest points of the pay scale up to, or above, the Living Wage rate of £7.85 per hour.

The pay award provides Higher Education staff with the highest real time base pay improvement seen in years, alongside the other increases in salary through pay progression. Two new pieces of joint work on matters concerning the gender pay gap, and casual and hourly paid staff have also emerged.

The basic pay uplifts are one element in the pay, reward, and recognition envelope, and a source said of the new increase:

“The pay uplifts are at the limits of what is realistic and affordable for Higher Education institutions.”