Club of the Month: Ultimate Frisbee!

Each edition of The Courier, we’re looking at on club in particular to find out what they’re all about. Off the back of their Freshers’ success against Bangor, and with a home tournament on the horizon, this month we spoke to Madhava Laarbi of Ultimate Frisbee!

Back Row: Campbell Craig, Andy Hawkes, Adam Burgess, Jake Foxford Middle Row: Madhava Laarbi, Douglas Owen, Tyler Brook Bottom: Sally Jakeman Credit: Alasdair Fischbach

Back Row: Campbell Craig, Andy Hawkes, Adam Burgess, Jake Foxford
Middle Row: Madhava Laarbi, Douglas Owen, Tyler Brook
Bottom: Sally Jakeman
Credit: Alasdair Fischbach


For those of us who don’t know, what exactly is Ultimate Frisbee?

Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact team sport, where the goal is to pass the disc to your teammates and score in an endzone on the other side of the pitch. It’s a fast paced game, but open to all people regardless of ability, fitness and gender. It’s a beginner sport, and is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK!
Credit: Alasdair Fischbach

Credit: Alasdair Fischbach

And it’s a mixed gender sport as well?

Yes we play as a mixed team, though there are tournaments with men’s and women’s divisions. We enter mixed tournaments usually, but some tournaments like BUCS have us play separately as well so we can earn more points for the university. We have a lot of girls in the club at the moment and our womens team is really strong right now.
Have you been playing for very long? Did you know about it before university?
I personally have only played for a year now. However, its so addictive that I just cant stop! I played a lot over the summer with my local team in Birmingham, and a lot of their team play for GB so I improved a lot! I had played it once or twice before university, but not much really. It was new to me when I joined like it is with most students.
So your Freshers did pretty well at Bangor, I hear?
Yes! We took an experienced and fresher team to Bangor Gently, their first tournament of the year, and our freshers came out second! They lost in a very close final but they were ultimately happy to do so well, and the experienced team beat two different Bangor teams over the weekend too.
Grad and Aberage Joes player William 'The Wilf' Davies Credit: Alasdair Fischbach

Grad and Aberage Joes player William ‘The Wilf’ Davies
Credit: Alasdair Fischbach

What’s this about a home tournament?

We had the first of our home tournaments on the 7th/8th November. We run two each year and invite other teams and universities to play against us, the first being a fun tournament and the second being more competitive. It’s a good laugh, but typically quite competitive for our teams each time, especially our freshers who are loving the challenges this year.
Are you playing any BUCS games or tournaments this year?
We’re not playing in BUCS this year unfortunately. We have a lot of Freshers at the moment, and a lot of our experienced players cant make the tournaments, so we had to make the tough decision to pull out. We are excited to play next year, though! It looks like we’ll have a really strong team!
Are you going on tour?
We normally tour in somewhere in Europe, and last year went to Costa Brava near Barcelona. This year is our 20th anniversary though so we have a reunion tournament to organise. We’re inviting back all our alumni, some of whom started the club back in 1996! We are planning to get back to the continent next year.
What’s been your biggest achievement as a team?
I’ve only been here for a year so I don’t know the history of the club but while I’ve played for the team it has to be coming 2nd in the Bangor beginners tournament. I got to lead our fresher team on the pitch and assist some great points, it was so satisfying to see our new players improve over the course of the weekend.
What’s been your favourite moment with the team?
My favourite moment is definitely our experienced team beating Bangor three times at their own tournament. That, or keeping our fancy dress on for the games on the Sunday, and playing in cheerleader costumes. It’s become a kind of tradition for our team to turn up as we were the night before for the Sunday play-off games.
When and where do you play if I want to get involved?

We have a lot of sessions on through the week:

Tuesday – 3:30pm-4:30pm – Sports Cage
Wednesday – 2:00pm-4:00pm – Vicarage Fields
Thursday – 3:00pm-4:00pm – Sports Hall which is for Women’s Team
Thursday – 6:00pm-7:00pm – Sports Cage which is for First Team
Saturday – 12:00pm-2:00pm – Sports Cage