Aberystwyth University amongst top 50 universities according to UK employers

graduationarticleTIMES Higher Education published a report on 12th November 2015 about which UK universities produce the best graduates according to UK employers, and placed Aberystwyth University in the top 50.

The study was of UK employers from the business, IT, and engineering sectors – and accompanies the publication of the Global Employability University Survey 2015, which ranks the top 150 universities for graduates.

The French human resources consultancy, Emerging, designed the study, and the German market research firm, Trendence, carried it out. The survey asked recruiters working for major UK companies to cast votes for universities where they like to employ graduates from.

The report showed that UK employers put more emphasis on grades, professional experience, and a degree subject than European employers or multinational recruiters worldwide. UK recruiters also identified ‘links with companies’, ‘expertise in one field of competence’ and ‘production of ready-to-work graduates’ as being in the top three reasons to recruit from universities.

Four Welsh universities were placed in the top 50 with Cardiff University placing 28th, followed by Bangor University in 38th, and then Aberystwyth University and Swansea University coming 49th.

The Times Higher Education report stated:

“The results are particularly relevant as they provide some indication as to the long-term value for money at different UK universities, at a time when the cuts to maintenance grants put more pressure than ever on students to consider their financial future.”