What went down on Foals’ What Went Down Tour

Foals - what went downLAST Wednesday night, Foals were playing the Newcastle O2 Academy and I was there to experience the magic.

The doors opened at 7pm, and my sister and I were there for half past hoping to avoid the atrocious support act. Despite our efforts, we were subjected to the torture of hearing a local band that lacked a cohesive structure. However, this was rectified by the purchasing of a few beverages and the fact we had scored a decent spot near the stage. All doubts of the support act and any tiredness we felt was immediately thrown out of the window when Foals came on stage. The crowd instantly started dancing and the vibe was electric. Everyone was loving life.

Opening with ‘Snake Oil’ set the standard for the evening, annihilating any expectations I had of the gig and blowing them completely out of the water. They played a mixture of songs from their albums; their main set included ‘My Number’ and ‘Inhaler’ from Holy Fire and ‘Red Socks Pugie’ and ‘Olympic Airways’ from Antidotes as well as ‘Mountain at My Gates’ and ‘London Thunder’ from their new album, What Went Down.  ‘My Number’ sent the crowd into a state of frenzy, and madness ensued. The crowd near the front of the stage became increasingly tight packed and I was barged from side to side. Beer was flying everywhere. Typical gig antics.

Front-man Yanis exceeded my expectations massively by wandering around near the barrier separating the band from the front line of the crowd, allowing the crowd to get closer to him. At one point he wandered down and was standing on the bar and I touched him – my sister even gave him a leg up into a crowd surf. A moment we will never forget.

The crowd were spoiled with a three song encore. This included ‘Hummer’, ‘What Went Down’ and ‘Two Steps Twice’.  We all left on a high, wishing the night to continue, so we could dance slightly longer to their music. They were amazing live, and I will definitely seize the opportunity to see them again in future.