Professor Beardsworth appointed University’s Director of Ethics

THE UNIVERSITY announced on 19th October 2015 that Professor Richard Beardsworth, Professor of International Politics at the Department of International Politics at Aberystwyth University, had been appointed Director of Ethics at the University.

Since 2013, Beardsworth has been Professor of International Politics at the Department of International Politics here at Aberystwyth University. His teaching revolves around the philosophy and ethics of international politics, covering ideologies and political responsibility on a global scale. This reflects his intellectual and research interests.

Since turning to international politics as a trained political philosopher, he focusses on the divide between empirical and normative practises in the world of politics and how this is fed by a lack of global leadership and vision. In this way, he looks at bridging the gap between what is done and what ought to be done by cultivating political responsibility as a globe. He is also writing a book on it all; Political Responsibility in a Globalized Age. Furthermore, he is a member of the editorial board for Global Policy & International Political Theory.

As ethics ‘champion’, he will work to ensure that high ethical standards in research are consistently met by both University staff and students alike. His job will also entail the development and publication of the university’s tactical advancement in ethics.

On his new role, Professor Beardsworth told the University:

“In the context of strategic development, I see my main role accordingly as putting in place an ethical framework for the university as a whole. This framework should be short, respectful of academic freedom, but capture what the Aberystwyth University community considers its specific—and exceptional—social and ethical identity in higher education and research. I look forward to working with colleagues to this end.”

He also acknowledges the need for our little University to keep up with the times, however tucked away we might be, stating:

“The UK Higher Education landscape is rapidly changing, it is important that Aberystwyth University responds to these changes in a proactive and singular manner.”