Abertoons coming soon to ASM Features!

A new sub category is set to enter Features! After a first installment in our Fresher’s Fayre edition of the Courier, ‘Abertoons’ will be appearing both in the Courier and online at Aberystwyth Student Media, displaying cartoon submissions. We’ll look to publish a variety of cartoons across our platforms throughout the year, and to administer a bit of colour in the paper, on screen, and hopefully induce a chuckle in our readers.

The subjects of the cartoons can differ from a note on student life in Aberystwyth to government policy and anything in between. We’ll keep an open mind to any submissions given to us so don’t hold back! If you would like to get involved and perhaps submit your own work for publishing, get in touch with our Features Editor Nick Saunders at [email protected]aberstudentmedia.com.