BUCS & DIGS in action – November 4th

This weeks confirmed results paint a mixed picture, but with many results yet to be added Aber’s position in the national BUCS table is bound to fluctuate. Results below:


Football WON
Cardiff University Womens 2nd 2 – 3 Aber Womens 1st

University of South Wales Mixed 2nd 5 – 1 Aber Mixed 1st

Rugby Union WON
University of South Wales Mens 3rd 13 – 16 Aber Mens 1st

Rugby Union LOST
Cardiff University Mens 6th 21 – 15 Aber Mens 2nd

Tennis Abandoned
University of South Wales Mens 1st X – X Aber Mens 1st

Saturday, 31 October 2015
American Football LOST
University of Exeter Mixed 1st 54 – 0 Aber Mixed 1st

In DIGS the goals continue to pour in across competitions, Geltaidd snatching the biggest margin of the week agianst Commodore FC:

Aber Town Cup

Aberzaijan 2 – 6 CPD Pornstars (Group A)

Aber Lions 3 – 1 Borussia Teeth (Group D)

Sex Panthers 6 – 3 AFC Gwatch (Group H)


AFC Gwatch 1 – 1 FC-Leave-My-Arcelona (La Liga)

Inter YourNan 2 – 4 Tekkerslovakia (Bundesliga)

CPD Y Geltaidd 7 – 0 Commodore FC (Premier League)

Josh Owen-Jones in action this week. Credit: Chris Howells

Josh Owen-Jones in action this week.
Credit: Chris Howells

These results leave some foregone conclusions about the progress of teams in the Aber Town Cup. Geltaidd’s victory over Gwatch means they and Sex Panthers progress to the next round and the last game from Group A confirms Pornstars as the winners from Group A, with Aberzaijan qualifying second.

Lions’ 3-1 victory over Borussia Teeth means Tigers FC have qualified for the next round of the tournament. Teeth will get another chance to qualify when they face Tigers on Sunday, knowing that almost any win will send them through on goal difference. Teeth will have to beat Tigers FC by 11 goals to cause the biggest upset of the season so far, sending the Tigers packing and Lions through with Teeth.

Once the dust settles on the group stag you can find out who plays who in the knockout stages live on Bay Radio’s Sports Show this week, where we’ll be talking to Jed Woodcock and others from DIGS and pulling names out of fishbowls.

Congratulations as well to Ivory Toast’s Josh Owen-Jones, Ffigar’s DIGS Player of the Month, for his man of the match performance against Notinher Forest and currently standing as DIGS top goalscorer!