Cup games in BUCS this week – October 28th

Rugby Union rising above visitors Swansea 4th and claiming the win this week. Credit: Chris Howells.

Rugby Union rising above visitors Swansea 4th and claiming the win this week.
Credit: Chris Howells.

This week in BUCS the Western Conference Cup competition rumbles on, and Tim/Team Aber strike some success away from home. Below are the week’s results:



Football WON
Aber Womens 1st 4 – 1 UW Trinity St David Swansea Womens 1st

Football – Cup WON
Aber Mens 1st 3 – 1 UW Trinity St David Swansea Mens 2nd

Football – Cup LOST
Aber Mens 2nd 1 – 9 University of Plymouth Mens 3rd

Netball – Cup LOST
Aber Womens 2nd 25 – 38 University of Gloucestershire Womens 3rd

Rugby Union WON
Aber Mens 1st 43 – 12 Swansea University Mens 4th

Tennis LOST
Aber Mens 1st 2 – 10 Swansea University Mens 2nd


Badminton DREW
University of Exeter Womens 2nd4 – 4 Aber Womens 1st

Lacrosse WON
Cardiff University Mens 2nd 0 – 20 Aber Mens 1st

Netball – Cup  WON
University of the West of England (UWE) Womens 4th 13 – 54 Aber Womens 1st

Rugby League LOST
Cardiff Metropolitan University Mens 1st 46 – 0 Aber Mens 1st

The mixed bag of results has meant Aberystwyth take a small step down the table, resting at 68th this week. Congratulations to Rugby Union (pictured) on their win over Swansea 4th, and Men’s Football 1st team on progressing the last 32 of the Western Conference Cup, and the best of luck to them when they take on Winchester 3rd away on November 11th.

In DIGS the leagues cracked on in earnest, with results below:


Aber Lions 1 – 2 Aberconda (La Liga)
Tigers FC 1 – 10 CPD Y Geltaidd (Premier League)
Tekkerslovakia 3 – 2 Borussia Teeth (Bundesliga)

Aberzaijan 4 – 1 FC Beaver (Group A)
Ivory Toast 12 – 0 NotInHer Forest (Group G)
Expected Toulouse 0 – 6 Commodore FC (Group C)

FC Beaver and NotInHer Forest have now been knocked out of the Aber Town Cup at the group stage. Goal Diggers, CPD Pornstars, Ivory Toast and Aberzaijan will be moving on to the next round after the groups conclude. Geltaidd did well against newcomers Tigers FC but not quite enough for the best goal margin of the week, well done to Ivory Toast on their group stage win.