Eating out in Aber: Where to go

THERE’S a lot of places to eat in Aberystwyth, whether you’re after a snack, a sit down meal or something to try and save you from an impending hangover after a night out. Whatever the occasion, there’s somewhere catering for your craving right now.

Sosban Fach is located in the centre of town, and is one of the cutest little restaurants Aber has to offer.  Although it doesn’t come with a spectacular view of the prom, Sosban Fach makes up for it with its typical Welsh charm and fantastic food. If you’re not from Wales but you want your mum to experience some of our Welsh culture, or you are Welsh and are experiencing a sudden burst of patriotism, Sosban Fach is the place for you. It is very quiet, which gives you time to have a serious catch up and its amazing value for money allows you to treat your mum (for a change). If you do decide to go here you’ll also be supporting your local businesses, so your good deed for the day is done.

If you’re looking for good quality food, and are willing to spend a little extra, The Starling Cloud is lovely. It is a family friendly pub, so would be ideal for those family visits, and also offers en-suite hotel rooms and a free breakfast for families who wish to stay. There’s also a lovely beer garden, so if the weather is nice you could sit outside. It is located just outside the centre of town as you probably already know; Aber is pretty small, so everywhere is within walking distance anyways.

The Pier Brasserie is ideal for a nice sit down meal with a view, and as it is located right on the prom you have plenty of scenic space to take a beautiful walk afterwards. The food is reasonably priced and excellent quality. If you are just looking for somewhere nice to eat lunch, or you’re fancying a fancy 3 course dinner the Pier Brasserie offers both.

Inn on the Pier simply serves some amazing pizza, fantastic drinks and all in a great location. The pizzas are quality and often are buy one get one for a pound, the burgers and chicken are also extremely good and who can say no to a bucket of fries? I certainly can’t at any rate. Top tip: head into the bar grab your food, enjoy it, then head to the other side of the pier and have a good game of snooker or pool.

The Pier is home of Inn On The Pier and the Pier Brasserie, ideal for scenic snacking

The Pier is home of Inn On The Pier and the Pier Brasserie, ideal for scenic snacking

If you’re in the mood to go oriental Fusion King is one of, if not the best Asian food in Aberystwyth. The food is cooked fresh and is served in traditional, good quality Asian take away cartons. There is a huge variety to choose from, so finding something you like should be easy. The prices here are also really reasonable, so you could treat your mum here too without the guilt of spending loads. They serve everything from rice and noodle dishes to their delicious wraps. The wraps come in a variety of meats with your choice of salad. The crispy chicken is understandably a popular choice of wrap filling.

If it’s a Sunday and you’re feeling a tad traditional (or you need to cure your hangover) Scholars offers a beautiful carvery. It does get busy, so you would need to book to ensure you have a space. Booking a table could do you some favours though, as this is your chance to prove that you are now a sophisticated adult who can pre-book meals. The carvery is super reasonable, and, as its a self-service, you can be as greedy as you want. After all, you’ve probably been living off instant noodles and beans for a week. Combine this with the great atmosphere of the pub, the fantastic selection of drinks on offer and the regular showing of sports make this place where you have to be on a Sunday.

Scholars has one of the best carverys in town, and does make for a comfortable recovery Sunday

Scholars has one of the best carverys in town, and does make for a comfortable recovery Sunday

A great place for quality snacks is Spartacus. Now, Spartacus as far as I’m concerned is a sandwich/Aberystwyth institution with fresh ingredients, a great selection of fillings and not to mention some fantastic ice cream and milkshakes if you fancy something more. My favourite filling is chicken, lettuce, cucumber, sweetcorn and a mint sauce. They also sell a variety of ice-cream.

If you are on campus and you have an hour to kill before your next lecture, which isn’t enough time to head to town for food, you should head to the Union. Stone Willy’s is a convenient place to eat on campus. With the menu ranging from pizzas and burgers to salads and wraps the union has got you covered. The food is very tasty and they often have meal deals on during the week. It is also an excuse to grab a pint with your pals while you wait for the next lecture.

If you fancy something a slightly healthier, on your way down Penglais Hill you should try a smoothie or a snack from Crimson Rhino. Everything is fresh, made to order, and tastes fantastic. Blueberry and bananas make a great combo. They also sell homemade humous with chopped carrots ready to dip.

If you love a good milkshake then you should try the ones at Shakes On It, as they are fantastic. You can have pretty much any chocolate bar, sweet, cake or biscuit type item turned into a sublime shake, plus with their loyalty cards on offer it’s always worth popping in.

Now imagine it’s late, you have partaken in some lascivious beverages, and  naturally you want something to eat, well friends let me direct you to Hollywood Pizza. Fantastic pizza, probably the best in Aber, with a fantastic range of toppings (especially the Hollywood Special). Not only this – they have a range of other food, too, including burgers, garlic breads, and chicken. Now, the chicken strips are the best. Nothing more, nothing less, they are the best chicken strips ever, and worth every single penny you spend!

Another brilliant food place has to be Sophie’s Café. This place is perfect for whatever you want, serving all day breakfasts, burgers, sandwiches, salads and café classics. You can go here for your hangover food, meeting your parents, catching up with friends or sharing a bowl of ice cream on a date. By the way, their Kinder Bueno smoothies and Nutella milkshakes are incredible. Very popular with students, so you may have to wait for a table, but believe us it is worth it!

Ta Med Da on the university campus, serving up everything from a snack to an evening meal

Ta Med Da on the university campus, serving up everything from a snack to an evening meal

If you have had a full day of lectures and cannot bare the thought of going home to cook, then Ta Med Da is the place to go. It is not only home of the famous Victoria sponge muffin, but somewhere to grab a cooked dinner. Your mum will be proud you are eating your vegetables when there are so many to choose from. Ta Med is a great place to grab yourself food almost all day, and the food is not only delicious, but usually great value.