Thai Pham Memorial Shield kicks off season before DIGS league draw

PARK Avenue is playing host for the DIGS Memorial Shield, the Aberystwyth DIGS league clash of silverware holders. This is the first to be hosted at the home of Aber Town FC, and the second to be played in honour of Borussia Your Teeth player Thai Pham who passed away.

Last year’s Aber Town Cup winners CPD Geltaidd take on the Champions Cup winners CPD Premier League Pornstars in an all-Welsh clash that is guaranteed to electrify crowds with a bitter rivalry. Both teams boast a strong record in previous years, never far from the top of their leagues and with impressive cup runs.

Fans are equally split over the eventual winner (the latest DIGS poll has both teams with 50% of the vote), and the possibility of penalties is a strong one as neither team will be holding anything back. Manager of the Premier Stars Robyn Cartwright was as excited as ASM for Friday’s showdown:

“Hwn ydi gem y tymor, mae’r ogia yn barod I rhoid 100%. Dylai fod ddiawl o gem.”
“This is the biggest game of the season for us. The lads are ready to give 100%. Should be one hell of a game.”
Geltaidd manager Ynyr James had this to say in response:
“Mewn gem sy’n hollti cymdeithas Cymareg Aberystwyth yn ddau amser mae’n dod i bel-droed. Y frwydr rhwng CPD Y Geltaidd a’r Pornstars sy’n cymryd lle ar Goedlan y parc. Y Pornstars wnaeth ennill y Champions Cup llynedd a’r Geltaidd yn curo’r Aber Town Cup. Felly fydd hi’n gem tanbaid gyda’r cefnogwyr yn wyllt i weld pwy fydd yn fuddugol!”
“If there’s a game that splits Aberystwyth’s Welsh community in two, it’s the battle between Y Geltaidd FC and Pornstars which takes place at Park Avenue. The Pornstars won the Champions Cup last year, and the Geltaidd won in the Aber Town Cup. So it’ll be a fierce game with the supporters extremely excited to see who will win!”
Last year's meetig took place on Vicarage Fields, now Aberystwyth Town FC have begun hosting the Shield and DIGS league draw. Credit: Eddie Whitehead

Last year’s meetig took place on Vicarage Fields, now Aberystwyth Town FC have begun hosting the Shield and DIGS league draw.
Credit: Eddie Whitehead

If last year’s match is anything to go by the game is sure to be fierce. In the inaugural Thai Pham Memorial Shield Ivory Toast took on Borussia Your Teeth on Vicarage Fields, and after 90 minutes and eight goals it was Borussia that took the shield 6-2.

After the dust settles and the shield is presented to the winning team the league draw will take place, with teams finding out who will be playing who across the Premier League, Bunesliga and La Liga.
Last year’s performance will give the team their seedings with new entries from Expected Toulouse and Tigers FC coming in at the bottom despite some talented and dynamic players. League winners and runners up go into the top pool, and expertly weighted algorithms allot the rest to make for the most exciting year possible.
There is also the unveiling of a new Aber Town Cup format and the first round draw to be made, so if you’ve just signed for a club or you’re entering as a veteran, get to Park Avenue Friday 16th October at 19:00 to discover your fate for the year.