Oh Wonder – Album Review

HAVING released their eponymous debut album earlier this month, it is hard to believe that Josephine and Anthony, who make up the electronic duo Oh Wonder, have been under the radar for a year already. They appeared last September when they decided to release a new song on the first of every month, culminating in the release of their self-titled debut album. The dozen tracks have been streamed on Soundcloud – where each song has been played over a million times – Youtube and Spotify earning them an extensive audience already.

ohwonderfeatureOh Wonder is a mix of mellow, well thought-out lyrics and simple production comprised of mainly piano and electronics. Recorded in a studio in South-East London, both the male and female vocals appear in all the songs in unison, without any harmonies. The album begins with “Livewire”, a newer of their monthly releases, but one of the most popular and it’s easy to see why; the memorable, yet sometimes repetitive lyrics (“Your love will take me higher and higher/ Oh won’t you be my livewire, my livewire”) over a spacey sound set the tone of the rest of the record. The minimal production – highlighted on the melancholy “All We Do” with just a hint of piano – proves that this is definitely an album to relax to. The slow pace is only increased slightly on such songs as “Technicolour Beat” and “Lose It” where the electronics are enhanced; however the laid-back feeling of the album as a whole is never lost.

Due to technology, Oh Wonder’s music has reached many people without them having released an album or playing gigs – though that will change as this month they start their tour comprising of sold-out dates all over the world. It will be interesting to see if this record can translate as well live. An original and creative debut album, it can sometimes feel too repetitive and some songs are hard to differentiate from each other. Hopefully this duo will only improve their song writing skills and with that expand their following.