Scott Mills visits Aberystwyth on Radio 1 Student Tour

This week, Aberystwyth students will get to sit in on a live broadcast from BBC Radio 1, when veteran DJ Scott Mills broadcasts from the university on the 8th of October, along with long-time contributor Chris Stark.

Photo credit: Steve Bowbrick

Photo credit: Steve Bowbrick

Aber is Mills’ fourth stop on the week-long tour, which also includes visits to Southampton, Stirling, Liverpool, and Harper Adams University in Shropshire.

Announcing the tour on his weekday show on Radio 1, Mills described the penultimate stop as being “full of students… We are going to places Radio 1 hasn’t been to for a while, and for some reason they are happy to have us,”

Mills has been a presenter on Radio 1 for 16 years. Starting in the early morning breakfast slot, he now presents his show during the coveted drive time hours of 1 til 4pm.