Poetry from the English and Creative Writing Society

ecwsfeatureTHE English and Creative Writing Society is a place for anyone from any degree scheme to come together to share in their love of all things literature – or just to enjoy some crazy good fun!

Each semester we hold a number of events, from poetry slams and readings and open mic nights to our weekly Book and Cake club and Tuesday night socials, all of which are always bound to be a great laugh, and hopefully nurture your creative spark. For more information, find us on Facebook, email us at [email protected], or look for us at the Freshers Fair.

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” The words of a wise wizard, Albus Dumbledore, who understood all too well what it is that prevents most of us from achieving our potential. Well, in the English and Creative Writing Society, we dream our dreams, and then live them too.

“Kings Cross” by Keleigh Carter

Slowing southwards into London,

we stretch up towards roofracks

and notice each other afresh

and smile and nod and eavesdrop


“Why,” a small boy asks,

frowning at the station name plate

as it slides into view,

“Is the King cross?”


“Because he has seen the beggars

waiting to accost us,

and us shaking our heads,

sure that they’ll only buy oblivion

with our hard-earned money.”

Is what his father does not say.


What he says instead is:

“Don’t be so silly!”

And what I want to tell him,

this embryonic Homer,

but foolishly do not,

is how Odysseus,

seconds before he reclaimed his hall,

did seem a beggar to them all.”


“YOLO” by Tom Dockerill

Here, have a smiley face, or a big ‘thumbs up’,

Hash tag fucking YOLO,

But it doesn’t really matter though

Because what really digs at me

Is your tendency to misconstrue;

Deliberately morph my innocent words

In to a gripe and bellyache.

This society or fashion of modern age –

To pout like a preposterous pilchard,

To capture every mind-numbing moment

On Instagram with sepia toned facsimile –

Is quite simply ludicrous; daft, stupid, juvenile!

Since when did triviality and frivolity

Become a daily routine to the masses?

Snapchatting every meal you eat;

Tweeting throughout your classes;

Hawking the internet to profess your love

To an adulterated agent of Satan.

All the while starving your wasted brain cells

Whilst the planet is decaying by the day;

I don’t give a shit what you think is ‘cray’,

I want you to cherish a priceless Monet!

But these irate cries of despair

Will fail to ignite a revolution;

Therefore I don’t expect a cure

To this intellectual pollution.

But if I am to continue adapting

To these ludicrous hash tag trends,

I don’t want to be pestered by supposed friends

To dignify their social bubble

With a fat smiley sticker on Facebook,

Just to let them know I am not sulky.

I hate to burst their bubble, but words transcend

Computer generated communication!

Do they remember this thing called integration?

I sometimes forget why I care…

Oh yes, that’s right –

Because I’m the cantankerous one,

Due to my lack of smileys and thumbs up.

Well if these are to be my final lines

I’ll ease off the incessant whines.

I hope you’ve all learned from this little spat.

Now pull a funny face for this Snapchat.