Disturbed – Immortalised review

Immortalised is the sixth studio album from Disturbed, and the fifth to enter at number one on the Billboard charts. It comes after a five year hiatus; so what did we get?

Disturbed have never been the greatest metal band, their previous output never setting the world alight with their sound or breaking new ground with anything new or innovative, but they’re not the worst albums, either; they have managed to collect a good amount of fans who have helped them to number one a few times, so they must be doing something people like. Therefore, we come to Immortalised. When I first got hold of the album, I was not expecting to be blown away, and I was not.

Now, I am not saying it is a bad album by any means, but it is not the greatest either. After five years away from recording, you would have learnt a few new tricks to add to the sound, but there is no indication of that. We have another run-of-the-mill album from a band happy to make the same music over again. I will admit a couple of the tracks stood out such as “The Vengeful One”, which is a solid Disturbed song. “The Light” is a softer number, that is pretty good with a nice, hopeful message. Then we get to the song they cover on this album; anyone who has heard “Land of Confusion” from the 2006 release Ten Thousand Fists know the one thing Disturbed are not good at is covers. So this time, we get “The Sound of Silence”; Yes, the 1965 classic from folk duo Simon and Garfunkel. This is an odd one, as I really like it. Not something I would not normally say about Disturbed, but there we go; it is a very good reworking of a great song. It has good pacing, building up throughout in a natural way, David Draiman’s voice fitting quite well with the song.

Overall, an album that will keep the fans happy, but will not be converting the hordes to the band, featuring some decent songs and a very good cover. Disturbed will not be remembered for being a ground-breaking band, but I am sure they will not mind they getting to keep making music and touring. In addition, I get to wait a few more years for a Disturbed album that will blow us away.