DIGS: It’s like football…

Ruairi Willis for AFC Gwatch in the Consolation Cup final 2015. Credit: Tomos Nolan.

Ruairi Willis for AFC Gwatch in the Consolation Cup final 2015.
Credit: Tomos Nolan.

Are you looking for a chance to play some football with your friends outside of the commitments of Wednesday BUCS fixtures? Do you want to join a team in the biggest club at the university? Do you have an unbreakable spirit, unwavering commitment to the game and/or a pair of football boots? DIGS.

The Aberystwyth University Football DIGS League brings together more students than any other club to compete in league and cup competitions throughout the year, building to the Aber Town Cup Final played at Park Avenue, home of the Welsh Premier League’s Aber Town FC. Last seasons clash between Y Geltaidd and Toke City proved to be a stunning game, with Toke leading 2-0 into the dwindling minutes before last-gasp drama took the full-time score to 3-3 and eventually to penalties to give Y Geltaidd the victory.

Whether you’re already playing for AUFC, or just want an opportunity to punt a ball, there is a spot for you somewhere among the squads here. Some play for silverware; others because they thought of a good football pun and didn’t want to let it go to waste.

Prepare for score lines you’d normally see in such FIFA classics as Real Madrid vs Yeovil Town (We Hate Ben FC managed a brutal 19-1 drubbing last season), miraculous saves and sporadic drama as matches get called off due to the constant bad weather. Anything can happen in this theatre of dreams, magic born in the crucible of glory.

When approached for a quote, Aber DIGS were, in fact, available, and did a much better job explaining what the deal is:

“Aberystwyth Digs League is the all inclusive 11-a-side football league run by the students, for the students. Anyone is welcome to join by forming their own team with friendship groups or departmental groups, or can join an one of the existing teams that are continuously on the hunt for new players.

We have a huge variance in standard in players across the league, and there is always a place in a team for everyone that wants to get involved. Aberystwyth DIGS League is the UK’s biggest Intra-Mural University football setup, and currently we have 26 individual teams. We look forward to seeing you at the Trials on Friday the 25th of September; find out more on our Facebook page!”

Those Friday trials start at 12:00 at the Sports Centre, so if you haven’t already given it a look in Activities week, now’s your chance. Give it a go!