Number of Welsh students going to university increases, as clearing figures rise across the UK

FIGURES show that the number of Welsh students going to University is on the rise, with data suggesting a 2.4% rise so far this year, up to 19,010 from 18,570 at this time last year.

WALES19,010 students have been accepted onto higher education courses, according to UCAS figures. 10,700 of these are set to stay in Wales for further study, while the latest figures show that 10,310 students are set to come to Wales from across the border in England.

UCAS stats also reveal that 1,240 Welsh students found a pace at University through clearing, with the UK -wide national figure rising 8% to 46, 800, making it the highest clearing stat ever recorded by UCAS.

Most of the university’s in Wales are all still vying to fill their courses, with the deadline to enter clearing being the 21st September.

This year, across the UK, the total number of students accepted onto a degree course stands at 487,330.