What Went Down: Foals Album Review

AFTER RUMOURS THAT THEY would not make any more music, Foals are back with another album to add to their collection. It feels like a long time since ‘Cassius’ was blaring from the radio or when I listened to ‘Balloons’ on the bus to school. Despite this, we are once again given the gift of music from this super-talented band. What Went Down is their newest and biggest addition to their repertoire.

The album is more similar to Holy Fire than to Antidotes. There is less intertwining of funky guitar melodies like there are in tracks such as ‘My Number’, ‘Cassius’ and ‘Red Sox Pugie’. What Went Down has a more rocky feel. However, the change in the sound does not mean that the album is by any means not listenable or danceable; it just means that the tracks on this album will not be floor fillers in a club. I doubt this is a concern of Foals’, since this album seems to be another step in creating a big sound. They are still experimenting with getting their big sound and it is sounding bloody brilliant.

My favourite tracks from the album are ‘Night Swimmers’, ‘What Went Down’ and ‘Birch Tree’. The sound isn’t the only difference. This album contains some darker lyrics, so it is slightly different to some of their previous work. Combine this with some heavy guitar riffs, and you have Foals’ fresh new album. All in all, it is different but it is definitely worth listening to. Hopefully there will be lots more to come.