West Coast move to a new purpose built studio

WEST Coast Software, a software and video game development company, have moved to a new purpose built studio at Park Merlin, Glanyrafon, Aberystwyth due to a substantial increase in production and employment.


West Coast Software was setup in 2013 by Ken Bird, John Jones-Steele and Steve Rose with the aim to develop new, innovative games, in addition to conversions of existing titles to all major systems including Xbox One, PS4, 3DS, iOS and Android.

In just two years the company has grown from the original three creators to a total of 15 full-time staff, and have won awards, and are preparing to welcome 9 more staff within the next year. They are offering positions to both graduates and industrial year students; for more information on their scheme you can contact the company via email at: [email protected], or by phone on 01970 611102

The company also specialises in fitness software and visualisation, and has a variety of clients including: Matrix Sports, iEntertainment Network, Trixter and Cardiff University.

They have developed games such as, Rally Storm, which is a rally game that allows players to drive across the Welsh landscape that also challenges players’ ability to perform airborne and land-based tricks for power ups that help control the players’ destiny. The game was released this past Easter on the Wii U.

West Coast also developed a game called Putty Squad, which is currently available on the 3DS, and will be available on Windows 8, Wii U, Xbox, iPad and iPhone in the near future.

The new studio includes bespoke offices and has been designed around the requirements of the designers and directors to assist with their work, which includes gaming and testing suites, filming and edit facilities, as well as interactive software.

Ken Bird, CEO of West Coast says:

“2 years ago, three of us were working from what seemed like a huge 1200 square foot studio and could never have dreamt of being where we are today.  We have an incredible team of talented staff varying in all ages and levels of experience and now moving to this fantastic new studio, we not only have brand new opportunities, but the support needed to drive this business forward.”