AberSU switch to Akuma for kit in 2015/16

Student Support Officers in the SU hope this change will benefit sports clubs and societies. Credit: Tomos Nolan

Student Support Officers in the SU hope this change will benefit sports clubs and societies.
Photo Credit: Tomos Nolan

THIS summer, Aber Students’ Union officers have agreed a deal with kit manufacturers Akuma to supply Tim/Team Aber clubs. By the academic year 2016/17, the union hope to have all clubs and societies in the new gear. The change comes after the previous deal with suppliers Nike came to an end.

In years past, clubs would look to different suppliers for their kit, as purchasing through Nike was not mandatory, and it did not offer a full range of products. It focused more on mainstream sports and did not offer many hoodie or polo shirt options. Following a re-brand of Team Aber by the SU and student support officers, sports clubs and societies can both represent the university together, with an expanded range of products for all occasions.

Activities Officer Kelly Keat was happy to confirm the deal and announce the news at the end of this summer. “The new deal with Akuma is an exciting step forward for Activities at Aberystwyth. This move will create a greater sense of community among our sports and societies whilst demonstrating a united front to the outside world (particularly Bangor!) In addition to this it will create a new funding pot which all Activities will be able to access to enhance and develop the important work that they do throughout the year. I can’t stress enough how fantastic this opportunity is for Activities at Aber and I personally can’t wait to see everyone and the new kit in action!”

The introduction of an Aber-Bangor Societies Varsity last year reinforced the need for the two to be combined, to get all student extra-curricular activities supporting each other as part of the same team. The SU hopes this change will encourage students from different clubs to support each other in inter-university competitions such as BUCS fixtures, and more importantly our annual Varsity against Bangor. In 2013, Aber achieved the first ever back-to-back victories in the history of The Real Welsh Varsity. Could this newly fostered team spirit help us make history again and be the first uni to win it on foreign soil? Only time will tell.