The sky is the limit for Aberystwyth-Carmarthen rail link campaigners

TRAWS Link Cymru is taking to the skies to film a promotional video for their campaign to reopen the rail line between Aberystwyth and Carmarthen.

The group will use a camera on a microlight aircraft to film the 56-mile route between the two rail stations.


This comes in anticipation of the publication of a report for ministers on reopening the line, which was closed in 1965. The report is due to be published in the autumn, with the potential for a feasibility study to follow it.

Traws Link Cymru’s goal is for a 90-minute service to be established – 50 years ago the journey took nearly three hours and stopped at 20 stations – and is hopeful that other services and stations can also be reopened to establish a rail corridor along the west coast of Wales.

Traws Link Cymru hopes to reopen other stations at Llanybydder, Lampeter, Tregaron and Llanilar. They believe that the decision to close these stations and lines were a mistake and that establishing a rail corridor in this part of Wales will benefit the economy, help protect the environment and increase connectivity.

They have estimated the cost of reopening the line as being around £500m.

Group chairman Adrian Kendon said:

“Even after almost two years of rigorous campaigning and despite overwhelming support from politicians and the public alike, some people still believe that reopening the line will be impossible because of redevelopment.

“Less than 3% of the old line has been lost and we want to prove to everyone just how clear it is and show just how breathtakingly beautiful the Aberystwyth-Carmarthen line was.”

Aberystwyth student Mark Norton, who is from Llanelli, said:

“It would be incredibly convenient for students from South West Wales like myself. Currently the only trains that could take me home would take over 8 hours despite living just 2 hours away by car. Having easier connections to more densely populated counties and towns would be excellent for local shops,hotels and restaurants in increasing their sales.”