The Bad Education Movie review: A touch of class

I AM A HUGE FAN of the Bad Education series. Jack Whitehall’s hilarious classroom antics never failed to have me in fits of laughter. So, I entered the cinema a few days ago with high hopes to watch the ‘Bad Education Movie’ and I am glad to say that I was not disappointed.

the-bad-education-movie-poster1If you have watched the TV series then you will have probably had similar expectations as I had: Mr Wickers behaving inappropriately, the consequences of his actions usually turning out into a complete disaster; leaving his class to pick up the pieces. If you thought this then you will have been thinking correctly. Prepare yourself for the shit hitting the fan in true Bad Education style. This includes religious artifacts being consumed, a lot of poorly timed nudity and an ‘accidental’ bombing of a house. Just typical madness entrenched with side-splitting humour.

The main difference between the film and the series is that the film focuses more on the fact that the gang are splitting up. Form K will never be form K again as they are all going their separate ways and moving on to jobs and sixth form colleges. This news comes much to Alfie’s surprise despite the class just recently sitting their final GCSE exams. There is a definite element of ‘this is actually the end’ which slightly saddens the tone. Overall, the feel is cheery, even when situations turn dire, and the film takes form K out with a bang.