Wales weather warning as more bad weather is predicted to hit the United Kingdom this summer

THE WEATHER this summer has left many people wondering if we have even had a summer. The weather has been very unpredictable, with some days seeing highs of 27 degrees Celsius and others seeing heavy rain and even storms.

More of the same is expected for the near future, as according to the Met Office the temperatures for August are set to be below average, with continued unsettled conditions for the remainder of the month.

weatherwarningWeather warnings have been issued for Wales for the 13th & 14th August by the Met Office, as rain, thunder and hail have been forecast – with as much as 50mm of rain in some areas is expected.

These weather conditions are predicted to be a result of an area of low pressure developing to the northwest of Spain over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday. The Met Office predicts that the system will “push north across Biscay and into the south of the UK early on Thursday”, however there is uncertainty over how the weather system will travel and which route it will take. If the weather system hits Aberystwyth it is expected to bring about 15mm to 30mm of rain in six to 12 hours, which could cause surface water flooding in many places.

The Met Office warns of “heavy and thundery” rain on Thursday 13th, with an added potential for the rain to become torrential, as well as a suggested risk of disruption to travel due to surface water flooding. There is also warning of the potential for lightning.

The Met Office warnings for Ceredigion for Friday 14th predict that the bad weather will be confined to the East by the end of the day:

“Rain will ease from the west during the evening, and probably become confined to eastern areas by the end of Friday. The public should be aware of a significant risk of very localised disruption to travel due to surface water flooding. Lightning may be an additional hazard.”

Currently, these Met Office warnings are yellow warnings and are placed across most of Wales, including Ceredigion, for Thursday 13th and Friday 14th August. The warnings are in place from 6am on Thursday morning until just before midnight on Saturday morning.

South Wales Police have released an additional warning for those travelling during the times these weather warnings are in place:

“Driving in rain will double your stopping distance meaning you are at greater risk of a collision, so please maintain a safe distance between you and the car in front and slow to a safe speed.”

The Met Office will continue to update the weather warnings, as the unpredictable weather system develops, in the meantime travellers are advised to plan any journeys around potential disruption and to drive safely.