Taking a day tip to Liverpool

11390334_10153437299019208_2647094207037632438_nA GOOD friend of mine was accepted into Liverpool University in September and I have been meaning to go and visit her all year. Unfortunately, plans for this mad night out in Liverpool never came through. So, when I had been home for about a week from university with nothing to do and feeling bored out of my head I decided to go through and finally visit. I did and it was amazing. I was on antibiotics and couldn’t drink so I went down for the day and saw pretty much all of Liverpool in less than 24 hours.

I was met at the station with a cheeky pastry that my friend had brought from her halls and we headed straight for Primark. I know, Primark is cliche and it sucks you in for a good hour or so of your life into the airless floors upon floors of bargains, but I hadn’t been in months and I had to go. After spending a good while on each floor and meticulously going through every section and trying on a decent pile of clothes we left Primark and entered the  outside world again. I was so proud because I had bought a set of ‘I love Wales’ pyjamas  and my friend was confused as to why they were selling them in Liverpool. We moved swiftly on to the Central Library.

The Library’s interior is aesthetically similar to the National Library in Aberystwyth except you can sit outside on the roof and eat your lunch. You also don’t have to request books and can take them outside the building. Therefore, you don’t have to prove to a man at the door that you haven’t stolen anything. As far as libraries go it is pretty chilled and you could imagine pulling out an essay in there. Although, my friend said she doesn’t really go there because it is a bit out of the way. So we left and continued our pit stop tour to the fabulously cheap ‘Eat4Less’.

Eat4Less is the coolest baguette shop I have ever seen. Super cheap and filling. A ham salad baguette and a bottle of water for a mere £1.60. It does make you wonder how they can make a profit if their produce is being sold so cheaply OR do other places just ridiculously mark up? We sat on a bench and ate our baguettes then walked past some of the worst buskers ever on our way to the Albert Docks. Other than a funky jazz band, I agree with my friend that all of Liverpool’s talent was combined into one band: The Beatles.

The Albert Docks are paved with trendy restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. Obviously, The Beatles are on everything. In one shop there was even a huge picture of them made out of jelly beans. Bunting lined the docks and we watched a ship come in and people water bomb it. Then, we headed to the Tate Modern Gallery which houses paintings, among others, by Picasso and Mattisse. You can see across the river from a huge bay window which we stood in and got told off for being in it. Off we went to the next place on our tour which was the two cathedrals.

The older cathedral is absolutely beautiful. On the way to this cathedral we walked through a garden that has a water fountain flowing through a crack in a wall that is supposed to be holy water and is very refreshing. Being such a sunny day, being able to refill our bottles and bask in the shade of the trees was a positive delight. The more modern cathedral is funky and is circular in shape. My friend found me a bus ticket under a seat and we boarded the bus to her halls for a well needed trip to the toilet and quick freshen up before walking through the park back towards the station.

It was now heading for four O’clock and nearing the time I was meant to be bound back to Preston. I got such a good deal on my tickets that I had only booked a few days earlier but I had to get on a specific train. I was thoroughly enjoying walking through the park. The sun was beaming down and it was hot. This park had a pond, a botanic-type garden and tennis courts. It was such a lovely day you could quite easily see how hours could slip by relaxing on the grass verges and I began to wonder how my friend made it to any of her lectures at all. When we made it out of the park we struggled to find a bus that would a) get us back to Lime Street Station and b) do so in time. We found a yellow bus stop and got on the next bus that came, only to be told that we should have got on one in a different direction. So we diligently alighted the bus at the very next bus stop, ran across the road to the right bus, got on said bus and anxiously prepared ourselves for the potentiality of me missing my train. “I haven’t ever missed a train before”, I said and I didn’t really want to make this the first time. Nor did I really want to have to pay for another ticket back to Carlisle. The time was quickly flickering away… 6 minutes until my train departs… 4 minutes… and I am still not at Lime Street. My friend announces that the next stop is ours and I prepare to run, saying to myself: “this is fine I play lacrosse”.

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She is a better runner than me and I couldn’t keep up. At one point I accepted defeat. But she kept running. I had to man up and follow her, on to the platform, with her foot in the door, I literally just made it on to the train seconds before the doors shut. I stood there sweaty as ever and breathing like I was having an asthma attack. At least I made my train.

Other than the fare of the train tickets that I paid to get to and from Liverpool and the Primark spend (which is avoidable) all I spent was £1.60 for a baguette and a bottle of water. For what I spent (which actually wasn’t an awful lot), it was a brilliant day out and completely worth it. With direct trains to stations including Preston, London Euston and Chester it is easily accessible and definitely worth checking out. My only regret is that we didn’t stop for ice cream.