Animalarium anyone? Borth Zoo up for sale

BORTH Animalarium has been put on the market this month for the price of £550,000.

BorthAnimalariumThe current owners, Jean and Alan Mumbray have owned the Animalarium for 15 years but are looking to retire.

The zoo has over 300 animals within the park, and in March 2014 received planning permission for a 6-acre extension to include an enclosure for two African Lions. The work was completed before Easter this year.

There are a number of different species, including: big cats,  crocodiles, monkeys, meerkats, and a number of reptiles. The zoo has taken in animals that have been in surplus elsewhere.

ASM’s Bay TV produced a documentary on Borth Animalarium in 2013, which can be found below:

Photos below show some of the animals in the zoo.

Photos by Rebecca James.