Eleven alumni elected to Parliament

IN THE 2015 General Election, 11 Aberystwyth University alumni were elected to the House of Commons in Westminster.


This includes the election of two new members, Mike Wood MP, and Liz Saville-Roberts MP, and the re-election of nine previously elected members of parliament. Aberystwyth’s local MP Mark Williams is among those re-elected, and is one of eight Liberal Democrat MPs who managed to keep their seats across the United Kingdom. Other notable Aberystwyth alumni-turned-MPs who were re-elected include Dan Jarvis, who was touted as a potential for the upcoming Labour leadership election but has since declined to run.

The other MPs are as follows: Guto Bebb MP, Jonathan Edwards MP, Rehman Chishti MP, Glyn Davies MP, Lady Sylvia Hermon MP, Colonel Bob Stewart MP, and Gareth Thomas MP.

Vice-Chancellor April McMahon congratulated the alumni elected to Westminster. She said: “We’re very proud and glad our distinguished tradition of representation at Westminster will continue.”