Exploring some of the weirder international days: World Gin Day

AS YOU MAY have been aware, yesterday was World Gin Day. As you may also be aware, here in the Lifestyle Team we like our gin. So my mum decided it would be fun to take my sister and I to ‘Pleased To Meet You’ (PTMY) in Newcastle; a specialty gin bar, and of course we were excited about the idea of going. They have over 50 types of gin and a huge variety of types of tonic water.

worldgindayEspecially for this special occasion, PTMY had made cocktails for different countries around the world. My sister and I chose a ‘Scotland’ cocktail. This was Hendricks gin mixed with herbal tonic and that was enthused with cucumber and rose petals. My mum chose Bombay Sapphire gin and Schweppes tonic with lemon. The bar/restaurant was a brilliant way to spend World Gin Day after a day of shopping in Newcastle, especially over a luscious dinner.

World gin Day is described as a celebration of all things gin and also as a day to learn about different kinds of gin. More on the day can be found here.

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