Are smartwatches worth it?

WITH the latest technology fad becoming the use of a smartwatch – what’s all the fuss about? And, is this something that is worth getting, or just another gimmick.

smartwatchWith Apple Watch finally going on sale, I still can’t find myself getting that excited about it. The watches have been branded as the next big thing in technology, and something that will revolutionise the watch and personal technology.

I will admit, these smartwatch devices are pretty powerful – they can send text messages, allow you to access apps such as Facebook, give directions, log how much you walk and even track your heart rate.

This is great, this is cool. But, can’t we already do most of this on a smartphone? I get that’s pretty nifty that it can all be done from a small portable device which we can have on our wrist, but will that stop us from using our phones? I doubt it and, in fact, most of the features I mentioned still require yo to have a smartphone within close proximity to the watch in order for them to work. For example, the smartwatch cannot act as a phone unless your actual phone is in range – making the ideal aspect of running with no devices somewhat obsolete.

So they’re smart, but not THAT smart. They are another device that is linked via Bluetooth, but this time, rather than being a portable speaker, they are a portable visual display.

As an outdoorsman, I can see the benefits of having something like this – taking it along while hiking up a mountain could be incredibly useful. Tracking how far you have gone and where you are by just checking your wrist could revolutionise hiking to an extent. Elsewhere, they could prove useful in cycling or going to the gym for the various heart rate and health monitors that can be enabled. Then again, you could do all this on your smartphone or a much cheaper fitness tracker technology that are becoming increasingly available. Speaking of price, smartwatches can be surprisingly cheap all things considered. The Sony Smart Watch, which is android compatible, comes in at £99. The Apple Watch, on the other hand, is looking to be more in the £400+ after its recent April release.

I’ll admit that it would be cool to have a play with a smartwatch, but I’m quite sure the novelty would disappear quite quickly. This device, I feel, is more for the tech fans than the general consumer.