Funds raised by Aberystwyth students for Nepal earthquake

A SERIES of fundraising events are being held in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake.

The earthquake took place on the 25th April and has killed more than 7,000 people. The earthquake recorded a magnitude of 7.8Mand is said to be the most powerful disaster to affect Nepal since 1934.

Anna Sharad Gautam & Katharina Hopp

Anna Sharad Gautam & Katharina Hopp

Anna Sharad Gautam, 22, from Kathmandu, whose family were affected in the earthquake, is one of two students at Aberystwyth who are hoping to raise money to help the aftermath.

Miss Sharad Gautam said:

“My plan is to think beyond the immediate event and raise funds to build better homes, especially in the villages outside Kathmandu. It is the older buildings in Kathmandu and the surrounding villages, often houses built of mud, that have collapsed.”

Katharina Hopp, 23 is the other student who is holding the events, which include a cake sale, film night and a beach barbeque.