Free Wednesday afternoons for students could soon become a reality

THE RELEASE of a new university policy draft indicates that Wednesday afternoons will be reserved for sport and other student experience activities if approved by the Academic Board.

fu-wedsThe draft policy, titled: ‘Academic Timetabling and Room Bookings: Policy, Responsibilities and Processes’ indicates that: “Wednesday afternoons (from 13:00 onwards) are reserved for undergraduate sport and other student experience enrichment activities. Any exceptions to this will require Head of Department approval”

The draft policy has already been approved by the LTEC and will need to be approved by the Academic Board to become official policy.

While many departments within the university already provide afternoons free for students activities, this is not a university-wide policy.

Within the draft policy, it also states that:  “Students who are involved in sports events may request permission from their academic department to be absent from teaching activities on Wednesday mornings in order to travel to fixtures. It is the responsibility of the student to undertake any additional study required to offset the impact of such absences.”

Harriet O’Shea, the Students’ Union Activities Officer said:

“This is certainly a step in the right direction for the University to be taking, and although we will continue our campaign for lecture free Wednesdays, it is reassuring that the University are beginning to take students personal development outside of a lecture theatre far more seriously.”

“However, Aberystwyth is still a long way behind in its commitment to sport. With the University Executive umming and aaring about the cost of a new sports centre, and their lack of direction regarding a time scale for the proposal, we need to make a lot of noise if we want to make a new Sports Centre a reality in the next three years. We will be campaigning for a greater emphasis on improving the current sporting provision at Aberystwyth University and I will keep you posted with any further developments.”

The news comes after the Students’ Union formally launched their ‘Free up Wednesdays’ campaign last year.