New cocktail bar to open in Aberystwyth

libertine2A NEW cocktail bar is to open in Aberystwyth this July.

The Libertine Cocktail Bar will be situated at 54-56 Terrace Road, near Baravin.

The Libertine describe themselves as being a “nice relaxed cocktail bar at night and serving coffee, tea and cakes in the day.”

Opening times will be 10am to 12am Sunday to Thursday and 10am to 1am Friday and Saturday.

The new establishment will offer a range of cocktails, beers and wines, along with a selection of different teas, coffees, hot chocolates, and a variety of cakes during the day. There will also be events such as a happy hour.

Students reaction to the news has been positive, with first year student Maisie O’Brien saying: “Yeah it looks really cool, it’ll be nice to have a new place to go to on a night out”. Sarah Thornhill, a second year student, said: “They have got the wants of the student population down to a T”.

Third year student Will Salmon said: “The idea of a cocktail bar opening is an exciting prospect for students. To succeed the coffee shop aspect will have to offer something unique in order to draw customers away from the cafes which are already open in town”

This will be the second Libertine Bar to open, after the first successful establishment opened in Shrewsbury four years ago.

A selection of Libertine cocktail photos can be found below:

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