Society Spotlight: Nomadic Players

WE INTERVIEWED The Nomadic Players Drama and Theatre Society, at the site of one of their May performances, with current president, Kieran Davies, and incoming president, Alex Grey.

nomads2So for starts, the Nomads were very recently nominated for best society of the year; why do you think that was?

Kieran: I think it’s down to the vast amount of members we have brought in this year, as well as the number of successful shows we’ve pulled off so far.

Alex: For me, personally, it’s the fact we’ve had several successful shows, the fact that we are a friendly and welcoming society full of great hard-working people. It’s also the fact we manage to pull people in from multiple different courses, be it Drama, English, even some sciences, which is always interesting.

Kieran: Yeah, myself as Mathematics, Dan Hodgekiss (recent lead in Takin’ Over the Asylum) is Zoology, Kath Stannard (production manager) is Law.

A fairly diverse crowd. Not to mention diverse shows. This year you’ve done Of Mice and Men, Charley’s Aunt, Takin’ Over the Asylum, and Unprotected – all fairly different plays with different challenges – is there a limit as to what style of show to do?

Kieran: Yeah, and we did God of Carnage, and our shorts as well. This year we’ve shown we can pull off a vast range of shows from comedies to intense plays, classics, immersive, as well as complex and distressing themes within plays.

Alex: I suppose in theatre there’s always a limit, but mainly in terms of sets I guess! Unprotected is perhaps the most different style people will see this year; it’s unlike anything that’s been done for a long time. Takin’ Over also had its challenges, having to focus on quite a delicate subject of mental illness and how it’s perceived. Charley’s and Of Mice and Men still had challenges for the time period, which is a bigger challenge than some may believe.

Kieran: Yeah, like Alex said, we’ve had challenges such as the mental illness themes; true life stories in Unprotected; a vast array of accents and periods, but I feel we’ve overcome each obstacle impressively well, which is a huge credit to each and every one of our members.

So obviously, these shows have a massive amount of work in them and the performances must be a fantastic highlight, what are the other big events of the year for Nomads?

Alex: The 15th anniversary was a big event, even if we had a show, it was still a nice event to introduce several new Nomads (including myself) to the kind of things we do. And of course the awards, to really recognise the hard work from everyone in the society, be they the actors, directors, tech team and so on.

Kieran: Yeah the huge event is the Nomad Oscars which rewards all the hard work the members have done, we have the standard awards like Best Actor and Best Show as well as some amusing ones like Best Ad-lib, and the one to really recognise the hard work of members and what they’ve done for the society across their whole time at University with awards like Lifetime Achievement Award. Like Alex said, with this year being our 15th Anniversary, every social has aimed to be big and each of our events, shows included, have the goal of celebrating this huge occasion.

So you’ve more than doubled the average seven year society life span? 15th birthday, a big year for Nomads. Kieran, how would surmise how this last year has been for Nomads and Alex, how would you sum up the next year for Nomads?

Kieran: It’s been inspiring, this year saw a completely new generation of Nomads come to the stage and each of them have been amazing to work with, we’ve had a lot of problems on our way through the year, but the shows have been amazing and the improvement we’ve seen in each member has been outstanding! Also I’ve seen once again this year that if ever a Nomad has problems, the society is always there in full force to support them.

Alex: It was great to be a part of the society this year, we hope to keep up the welcoming atmosphere, put on even more fantastic shows that are more diverse than ever. It was amazing to see the society nominated for Society of the Year, but I’m sure my committee will agree with me when I say that next year, we will be the Society of the Year.