Does Greggs deserve a slice of the market?

SO I WAS in the ASM office the other day and found out that a Greggs is coming to Aberystwyth. WHY?! We do not need a Greggs! Heard of Y Popty? Hot Bread Shop? Or even 24 hour Spar? We have enough local places, thanks. I personally don’t want this.

generic bakeryNow I know that in this wee article I’m going to sound like Joey from Friends when he complains that everything is changing. But, why on earth do we need not only another bakery, but a Greggs too? There are several bakeries around town that are not only local, but really good quality. Everyone loves a good bakery, it smells of goodness when you go in. Gregg’s won’t.

I know that chains have been coming to Aber more and more gradually. With a huge Tesco and Marks and Spencers coming, and the Tesco Express already having arrived this academic year, we are moving towards that way. But I just don’t want to lose what we have. Y Popty is down at the end of my road and I have to say, I absolutely love it. They are so friendly, and what they make is brilliant. When they have a cheeseburger pastry I am first in the queue. There won’t be that same feeling in a Greggs. I’ve been to Greggs in Reading, and it’s too much about business. What do you want? Here you go. Job done. I want to be going in and be welcomed. That’s what you get with the local bakery.

If you were wondering, it’s planned to be opposite Poundland, next to HSBC. When I first came to Aberystwyth in September 2012, I’d go to a bakery or the other local places that we have around in Aber. Times have changed, though. I’m just worried that we are losing the niche aspect of Aber. We’re a small town, and we should embrace it. So please start going to the local bakeries, or butchers, get a Morgan’s bap or a smoothie from Crimson Rhino. You’ll be surprised how cheap it actually is at those places, and trust me – it’s worth it.