Keep fighting in the ring

Floyd MayweatherAS YOU MAY have heard, the Union banned the viewing of the Mayweather v.  Pacquiao boxing fight on Saturday 2nd May. However, afterwards there were many complaints from boxing fans, blaming the feminists and Women’s Officer for calling upon the Union to not show the match. After these complaints, there were many complaints about others complaining. Then an increasing string of complaints and attacks on the Union and feminism. I could keep going on, but all I’d do is fill an article with just the word ‘complaining’.

So what was all the hoo ha about? Well, Mayweather has before been convicted of committing domestic abuse on five occasions. Individuals stated that, due to this, the showing of the fight legitimises his actions and is thus disrespectful and allows people to accept those actions. The Students’ Union Women’s Officer sent a letter to the Union asking them to give half of the profits of the night to a domestic abuse charity (a noble cause in my opinion) if they did choose to show the fight, but it was entirely the Union’s decision to cancel the fight. Now I’m not here to say that the ban of the viewing of the fight was right or not, that’s not for me to say. People have various opinions on this subject and we’d go on for hours; luckily there were plenty of places in town to watch the event. Individual people have their own interpretations, and so I cannot say that they would believe this. However, I do have to say that to disregard and put down feminism due to the banning of this match is disgusting. Do you know what the definition of feminism is? It is where people (of any gender) fight for equal rights for women. Of course historically they initially argued for this group alone however, in our modern society there are of course hundreds of minority groups that deserve equal representation which is why the feminist movement modernized to include members of LGBT, disabled people and ethnicities, that should be represented by a movement that stands for equality for all. No, it is not just about women against men, only a minority fight for this cause and unfortunately they have the loudest voices. To talk about radical feminists and saying feminists want to take over men is ridiculous. I am a man and could say I’m a feminist. I personally would say I’m an egalitarian instead because I believe in equal rights for every single person and fewer people would attack me for saying precisely the same thing many feminists stand for. End of.

Now, as much as I have said about people commenting about feminists, in equal respect, I did see some ridiculous comments from those who called themselves feminists. Calling men stupid and saying about ‘man tears’ being cried. If you are wanting to have equal rights, then don’t pose a counter productive argument towards those who are already against you. Be respectful about the comments made to feminists, and disagree accordingly with an educated answer. I agree that many of the people shouldn’t have made their original comments. But, if you want people to understand why it happened, don’t make a stupid comment, otherwise they won’t ever listen, and it pushes the ground covered by feminism since gaining the vote even further back.

On a last note, in terms of the banning the fight itself, it’s not for me to say whether it was right or not. The Union made their decision, and there was just cause on both sides. Maybe a decision should have been made more in advance, but there were still plenty of places in town. There aren’t a lot of other sports banned that have people convicted of the same abuse. Are you going to stop showing The Hangover films because ex-boxer Mike Tyson, who is convicted of rape, is in it? No. To many people, the match did not glorify abuse, but one must understand that the Union has to voice the opinion of all. That needs to be taken into account on whether this can take place in the future, and perhaps they should have considered a backlash and taken the advice of donating to charity. If this had happened, maybe they would have looked more in touch with the student community and met a good compromise with both sides, whilst still breaking even. Stressing the point of domestic abuse is important, and it should never happen but you can’t ban everything unfortunately, and many sportspeople have yet to face the fate of Oscar Pistorious. The whole manner in which the issue was handled was a debacle, and blame should not be placed on FemSoc when the actions were not from the society itself.