Student Referendum on Bibles in Halls of Residence

THE FIRST all student vote begins today in Aber to decide whether bibles should be placed in university halls of residences.  Aberystwyth University Students' Union

An All Student Vote is where each and every student has the chance to say how and what they want AberSU to do next. It came about after the Union’s Postgraduate Students’ Officer Julia Corcoran called for  a vote on whether to put the amended motion to a referendum of the entire student body, which subsequently passed.

With an All Student Vote, there will be a registered Yes and No campaign that any student can run and they will campaign for a week informing you of the pros and cons of the idea. All Aberystwyth University students are allowed to vote and voting will take place at

According the Students’ Union;

“The first epic battle between the Yes and No campaigns kicks off at 12pm on Thursday, and the hot topic this time is titled ‘Bibles and other Religious texts in University Halls’. If you want a say (and want to see the full proposal), head to our website where you can either agree, or disagree with the proposal with a couple of simple clicks of your mouse!”

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