Introducing the ASM committee for 2015/16

IT WAS A surreal elections night that took place for me this evening, although I found myself running in my final election it still feels like I should be getting ready to leave. That’s right, I’m staying on as Online Editor for a little longer, my degree doesn’t finish until the end of September – so I’m sticking around until then (I don’t have to let go quite yet!). I said yesterday that this year has been a successful one for ASM, with some amazing achievements to be proud of. I’m sure the upcoming year will be just as good too, after seeing some excellent candidates come forward this evening, it’s exciting to see where they will all take their respective roles.

logo-en-cyIt’s fun to think what the new committee will have in store for them, ASM is a wonderful but crazy society that has a tendency to consume you at times (in a good way) and it’s something I’m going to miss when I finally say goodbye in a few months time.

The website still goes from strength to strength and I hope that I have done Laura (my predecessor), the rest of the alumni and this year’s committee proud with what it has achieved this year. We’ve had 185,000 hits so far this year, with over 550 articles published – I think that’s something to definitely to shout about! Bay Radio has also been fully integrated into the ASM website this year, which is a huge step forward in bringing the society together.

In a similar article to this last year, Laura said:

“I came to University to get a degree.

I’m leaving a different person, with the knowledge and pride that when a bunch of dedicated people get together, they can do anything.”

I think this is an excellent way, to summarise, what ASM does and is. It’s something which is run by a group of students who have to juggle a degree on top of what could easily be full-time jobs without getting paid anything for it. Despite this, they are still able to achieve something incredible – a multi-platform media organisation that when it sets its mind to something, can achieve amazing things. ASM has added so much more to my university life and has made it an even more unforgettable experience.

Good luck to everyone next year, I know you will all do us proud! Oh and yes… we’ll be watching!

Your new committee

Senior Managers

Chair: Eva Lightfoot
Online Editor: Andrew Simpson (Until September 2015)
Courier Editor: Stacey Gaenssler
Radio Manager: Cassie Smyth
TV Manager: Gavin Berry
Secretary: Shaun Butler

Content Team

News Editor: Maisie O’Brien
Opinion Editor: (No Nominees)
Arts Editor: Alex Rees
Sports Editor: Jake Foxford
Lifestyle Editor: Sarah Thornhill
Features Editor: Nick Saunders

Bay Radio

Music Manager: James Corbett
Studio and Equipment Manager: (No Nominees)
Programme Coordinator: Zoe Rowson

Support and Administration

Assistant Editor: (No Nominees)
Visuals Manager: Bethan Dalton
Advertising Manager: (No Nominees)
Graphics and Design Manager: (No Nominees)
Marketing and Live Events Manager: (No Nominees)
Sub-Editor: (No Nominees)
Web Administrator: Kieran Dunbar
Photography Manager: Alex Tanton
Social Secretary: RON (Re-open Nominations)
Welsh Officer: (No Nominees)
Finance Manager: (No Nominees)

The positions which received no nominations or RON will be opened again in the new academic year – October 2015. If you’re interested in running for one of these positions or just want to get involved, then contact our Secretary at [email protected].