Varsity 2015: Tarannau Cheerleading sweep the board


Photo – Alex Tanton

ABERYSTWYTH Tarannau Cheerleaders were one of Varsity’s big victories for the day. They won in all three of their sections; Pom, baskets and tumbling. Aberystwyth delivered a high energy Pom routine, showcasing their jumps and synchronicity. Next was baskets. Aber threw three baskets all with impressive height and technique. The event ended on tumbling with Chris Dennehy a star performer. Both Aberystwyth and Bangor displayed some outstanding flicks, tucks and twists. Abby Cooper, the Cheer Vice-Captain had this to say before results were announced:

“We were a bit nervous leading up to the competition because this is the first time cheer has ever competed at Varsity so there’s been a lot of organisations recently. But for our first Varsity it’s been pretty good, considering we’ve had a lot of injuries and we’ve had to get people in last minute. But I think we did ourselves proud today. We’re happy with our performance. I think it’s going to be a pretty close one. I have no idea will win. I can’t call it, I really can’t. I think our strongest section was Pom. We actually came 2nd in Pom in our last competition, whereas Bangor came 8th, so hopefully we’ve won that one!”