SU letter calls on University to place more value on sport

ABERYSTWYTH Students’ Union have published an open letter to the Aberystwyth University Council calling on them to do more to encourage student participation in sport.

The Students' Union - Tomos Nolan

The Students’ Union – Tomos Nolan

The letter, which was written by Students’ Union President Jacob Dafydd Ellis and Activities Officer Harriet O’Shea, has also been signed by 39 sports club presidents and captains.

In the letter, the Union state that:

“We acknowledge at the Students’ Union that much can be improved from within our structures and funding allocations but Aberystwyth University must hasten its discussions around valuing sport at this institution.

As student representatives we call upon the University Council to implement a Sports and Exercise Strategic Task Group at its earliest convenience in order to hold serious discussions with Sports Captains and Sports Representatives, local sporting organizations and university staff around the vision and future of Sports at Aberystwyth University.

We fully understand the university has many responsibilities and priorities – but in two years’ time Varsity 2017 will be at our doorstep (not to mention many national, regional and local games and competitions that we will host next year) and we cannot accept business as usual and a stagnant approach to sport.”

The letter’s publication comes after the Men’s Rugby Union sent a similar letter to both the University and Students’ Union earlier in the year making the case for a WRU Hub Officer to be employed, arguing it would benefit the student body.

The full SU letter can be found here – Aberystwyth SU Open Letter English

The full Men’s Rugby letter/proposal can be found here – WRU Hub Officer Proposal