5 top stress busting tips

SO WITH all the coursework, exams, labs, practicals, lectures, seminars, revision reading and article writing we students have to do, it’s not hard to see why we may find ourselves somewhat stressed. Add to this worries about family and friends, budgeting and housework and it’s simply a matter of time before you’re stressed out. So here are my top five stress busting tips to keep you on your A game.

Aberystwyth from constiTake a walk:

Right, this is cliché I know, however, science (YEAH SCIENCE) has proven that exercise releases endorphins, these little chemicals help you feel happier. Plus it gives you the chance to think things through and gets you outside breathing some fresh air. If walking is not your thing then try a bike ride, a swim, or a quick kick about with your mates. All that matters is doing some fun activity.

Plan your time:

One of the biggest things that stress me out is running out of time, and then suddenly realising that I have about ten things to do all at once. All I end up doing is getting some of the work half-done, which, let’s be honest, is neither use nor ornament. So simple one here: plan your time well. If you decide when and where and for how long you are going to work, you will find it easier to fit your work in around your uni and sports/societies commitments, finish your work on time and give yourself plenty of opportunities to still end up drinking your way round Aber.

Eat right:

Getting plenty of fresh fruit and veg, plus lots of water for hydration, will not only leave you less stressed but will also get yourself feeling more active and happy.

Do something extra curricular:

Now all I’m saying in this one is for you to choose something you can enjoy, outside of uni. This will allow you time for you – something that is yours and only yours, taking you out of that big stress bubble that is university work.

Getting a good night’s sleep:

Now guys, this should be obvious. Getting a good night’s sleep is going to give your brain, body and soul the chance to relax, unwind and chill. Honestly, this should be your first port of call.