The face of American terror


THERE is a conflict of interest among the internal and external wings of the Left, regarding the charge of Islamophobia lately. After the recent killings of the three young Muslims in Chapel Hill, North Carolina I’m not sure how possible it is to actually deny the certifiable hatred of Muslims in the US. After all, the morally bankrupt movie American Sniper was able to smash box office records with very little to its name, other than a movie intent on showcasing the savagery of American troops abroad and the execution-style treatment of its Muslims. What many on the Left and very few on the Right are protesting is the demonisation of the average Muslim in places where democracy and freedom of speech are held in equal ferocity, when French satirists are ruthlessly murdered by violent thugs and killers. How silently the media stands on these killings now that the white face for freedom of expression has hazed into the distance, only to be replaced by people who, arguably, are even less deserving of brutality and slaughter.

Let’s not brush aside the fact that the two Muslim women that were murdered worked in charities and attended a very prestigious university. Are these not the ingredients white society desires in its non-white neighbors; complete assimilation? However, this is not a matter of moral equivalency or what is considered acceptable. The victims could have been a fundamentalist Muslim, and I would still not be convinced that they deserved to be gunned down. The matter of respectability within Western convention is completely irrelevant when members of the Muslim community, members that ticked every respectable requirement box there could be, are still brutalized for being Muslim. The same story is repeated over and over.

Of course, the murderer of these innocents now resides in the town’s county jail, offering no plausible or logical reason for his crimes, not that unwarranted murder could ever have a reason behind it. Instead, what did occupy the empty crevices of his mind that justified the murder of the three young Muslims was the hatred of a culture that has been so thoroughly pushed through the mud and blown to smithereens abroad by the American and British invasions that the murderer (and I hate to absolve him of even a single strand of responsibility) has been influenced by the thick, anti-Muslim atmosphere in America. This isn’t to say he is a product of that atmosphere, he is that atmosphere. Muslims are so constantly acknowledged as a danger to white society that I’m surprised the West actually stands to defend its embarrassing record of liberty for every individual. The charge that the “suspect” was encouraged by his atheism is not very far-fetched. Atheism in and of itself is only a radical statement in countries where atheism is punishable by law.

muslim terrorObviously I am not suggesting that atheism, in Western democratic societies, is unjustifiable against religious oppression or that atheists do not face awful treatment at the hands of particular fundamentalist groups. However, the culture of online atheism, usually perpetrated by the same misogynistic, racist, Cheeto dusted, fedora wearing ingrate is a misshapen ideology that indulges in bullying and harassing members of organisations that often didn’t ask for the treatment. Due to the unsophisticated intellectualism perpetrated by Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris, Muslims receive the majority of this abuse because their ethno-religious background has been so cruelly misrepresented in the media as a force of evil, that overly zealous keyboard soldiers take it upon themselves to show them the “enlightened path,” a path that too often contains that very neurotic strain of excessive condescension coupled with the overcompensation of writing in synonyms.

The shooter at Chapel Hill has been indicted on three counts of first-degree murder. Yet it is not hard to imagine a scenario in which the shooter was released without a blemish on his criminal record, thanks to the precedent of 2014’s racial murders. We need only observe the headlines in the past few months concerning the Mike Brown investigation in Ferguson, or the smug little grin of George Zimmerman, who has once again escaped any kind of jail time on account of the ineptitude of the authorities. Nonetheless, it is a crime against humanity that this Muslim triad of soon-to-be college graduates have been struck down by the villainous hands of a man who claims that he had the right to kill on the falsity of a parking dispute. This turgid little runt should be held accountable to the triple homicide that he inflicted, and he should face the additional backlash for the action of a hate crime. What, precisely, is the distinction between the actions of this man and the actions of a lynch mob?

The hypocrisy of the West is the real joke to be had: where was the public outrage when the West launched a missile attack on a Serbian television headquarters against 16 journalists in 1999? Where were the crowds and television stations against extreme terrorism when Christian, ultra-Zionist Islamophobe Anders Breivik, slaughtered 77 people in Norway in 2011? Were there cries of extremism for the Norwegian executioner or soppy excuses of a man coming to terms with his inner turmoil? There is a very insidious feeling of compassion afforded to the white villains of Western democracy, but absolutely no room for sympathy or compassion for their victims. The fallacy is plain and the West’s treatment of its non-white citizens is appalling, as usual.