Android vs iPhone: Phone Games pt. 2

OUR RESIDENT lovers of all things technological – Andrew and Kieran – go head to head in bringing you reviews for the top three free games in the market on both platforms. Here is February’s low-down.

No 1: Crossy Road

 I think you’d be hard pressed not to have come across Crossy Road; with over 10 million downloads from the Play Store alone it’s definitely earned its top spot crossy-roadon the chart. Playing on the joke ‘Why did the Chicken cross the road?’, the aim of the game is to get your character across the road avoiding cars, trains, logs and other obstacles. After collecting credits, the fun continues as they allow you to unlock more characters to cross the road with. Similar to previous hit games such as Flappy Bird, Crossy Road makes good use of pixel art giving the game a retro feel, perhaps as a tribute to its early predecessor Frogger. But whether you’re crossing the road with a Unihorse, a floppy fish or a poopy pigeon it’s easy to see how addictive this game is.

5/5 – A very enjoyable and addictive game with a wide range of characters.

No 2: Zig Zag

A relative newcomer in the charts, Zig Zag is a game released by KetchApp with the goal of keeping the ball on the wall. The controls for the game are simple, you just tap to change the direction of the ball which moves in a zig zag, hence the name. You earn points every time you change direction or collect a gem. Overall this makes for an enjoyable game, however one thing I sadly found very obtrusive were the ads. After about five tries a full screen ad would appear interrupting the game until you press close. 

3/5 – Shame about the ads, but generally a good game.

No 3: Candy Crush Soda Sagacandy-crush-soda-saga

Sequel to the widely popular match 3 game Candy Crush Saga, Soda Saga has added the goal of popping soda bottles. Along with popping the candy in a set number of moves, you now have to pop a certain number of soda bottles as well to pass the level. This adds a new challenge to this already addictive game. As with previous King games you can easily link your progress to your Facebook account and there are over 250 levels so far. Interestingly enough its predecessor, Candy Crush Saga is still 4th in the chart as well, so the saga is still going strong.

4/5 – A worthy successor to the original Candy Crush game with even more candy!

For iPhone
No.1 – Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is a classic multiplayer trivia game where friends can compete against each other on their general knowledge. There are six categories of questions (Entertainment, Sports, Science, Art, Geography, and History), which all have a corresponding character, and the game is won by being the first to obtain all six. This is a great fun app that does what it says on the tin, gives you questions and allows you to compete with your friends. I wouldn’t say that there is anything necessarily pioneering about the app, however, it is definitely well-designed and void of glitches.


No.2 – Agent Alice

This app is a murder-mystery puzzle type game, where you have to solve various clue. It is in fact quite like the game Clue. You go through stages, including agent-alicefinding various items in an image for example. It can be played by any age group and takes up very little room on your phone or tablet. It’s a fun way to waste some of your day if you’ve got some spare time between lectures or just need a procrastination tool.


No.3 – ZigZag

ZigZag is an app from KetchApp and has a very simple but addictive concept. Despite the simple concept and its similarity with other apps, it’s fun game to play and I have quickly become addicted by. My main issue with the app (as with Kieran) is that ads can appear during game play randomly, which often makes you fail. This is frustrating and mars what could be a very fun game.