AberKites – Aberystwyth’s first Korfball team

Korfball 1ABERYSTWYTH’s first Korfball team, AberKites, were formed at the start of term. We asked Rhys Schelewa-Davies, the club’s President and third year Marine and Freshwater Biology student, Charlotte Hampson, AberKites’ secretary and English Literature and Creative Writing student, and Samuel Wood, who also studies English Literature and Creative Writing, some questions about their non-BUCS affiliated outfit.

Korfball, why did you start playing it?

Rhys Schelewa-Davies: Most people would probably say that they’d never heard of the sport before which is why it sparked their interest. It was slightly different for me because I hadn’t done any sport in a long time and was keen to start one. I’d been looking for one that wasn’t too exclusive or focused on competitiveness. I was reassured that Korfball was open to everyone and was meant to be taken as a bit of fun. After the first few training sessions I became persuaded that it was a sport I could do well in, despite my lack of experience. The friendly laid-back people helped make it an easy choice.
Charlotte Hampson: I was interested in Korfball because it was a sport I had never heard of before. The current President had a table at the Sports Fair during Freshers and he had brought a korf to show people. It was something I had never seen before so I decided to try it out and found that I really liked it. It’s easier, more measured and less rambunctious than sports like basketball where players knock purposely into each other to get the ball, with a distinctive technical side.
Samuel Wood: Because it seemed fun.

Explain Korfball, for those who’ve never seen it, in one sentence.

RhS-D: A mixed gender non-contact sport with elements of netball and basketball but not much like either.
SW: It’s a passive version of basketball you can play with all of your friends.
CH: Korfball is a slower, more technical sport than basketball and netball, but incorporates elements of both of these more well-known sports.

Which leagues do you play in?

CH: We currently play in the Staffordshire and Cheshire Korfball league, but are looking to join others

How long as the team been going?

RhS-D: Since October, I was there at the very start.

How has this season been going?

RhS-D: As someone who was there from the beginning, it’s been great to see such a boom of interest after refreshers. People seem generally to pick up the rules and skills quite quickly, so even brand new players are always improving, which makes it both more intense and fun.
CH: The season has been going really well! Almost everyone but our President was a beginner to the sport at the start of the year, but we have quickly improved and at the moment we are ranking third in our league! It’s a great achievement considering how long we’ve been playing, not just individually but also as a team.